SoftWash Systems Lower Skid Unit  (42")
SoftWash Systems Lower Skid Unit  (42")

Lower Skid Unit (42")


42" Lower Skid Unit (LSU)

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Product Number: AL-42LSU

This Lower Skid Unit or LSU can be used alone to mount any of our Modules to either curbside left (Europe) or curbside right (US). There are 4 sizes of the LSU the largest being the XL. The XL LSU is 6′ in length and 40″ wide and has built in fork lift pockets. This LSU can easily be mounted within a van allowing the user to mount up to four of our tank modules within. The four modules would each have an exclusive square modular 50- US gallon (189 liter) or 100- US gallon (378 liter) poly tanks giving the user a water and chemicals capacity of 200 US gallons (758 liter).

There are currently four different sizes of the LSU.
XL 72” – Capacity of (4)50 Gal. Tank Modules Or a mix of 100 gal / 50gal Tank Modules.
L   57” – Capacity of (3) 50 Gal. Tank Modules OR a mix of (1)100 Gal. and (1) 50 Gal. Tank Modules.
M  46” – Capacity of (2) 50 Gal. Tank Modules OR (1) 100 Gal Tank Module.
S   26 – Capacity of (1) 50 Gal. Tank Module

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to