Stealth  AC/ DC Power Pack
Stealth  AC/ DC Power Pack

Stealth AC/ DC Power Pack


Stealth AC/DC plus 4 Marine Grade Group 24 Batteries

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Product Number: SC-STPP

The Softwash Systems AC/DC charging system not only charges your batteries by plugging into a 110 electrical outlet but also charges your battery from the power that your truck creates driving down the road. The AC (Alternating Current/ Home Power) charger by the Softwash systems charger not only charges your 12 Volt battery but also has plate rebuilding technology that reconditions your battery allowing more re-charges and duty cycles. The DC (Direct current) harness the power your truck alternator makes while you are driving. Normally, in order to charge larger or multiple batteries you would have to upgrade your trucks alternator to increase its output. The Softwash Systems AC/DC charging technology allows you to use your current alternator without any upgrades and charge up to 4 separate batteries. With installation, we put an in line fuse at the battery source.

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