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The SoftWash Systems Blend Module metering valve system head allows you to draw from two sources bleach and surfactant into your soft washing solution. The Blend head pulls water as a static flow (constant) from a buffer tank and then adds to that water source soap and bleach in a dynamic (adjustable) manner, ready to spray with no math or mixing. This makes measuring bleach to chemical ratios simpler than ever before. The Blend lets you to control your mixing ratios all at the turn of a knob, allowing you to reap profit from increased production by reducing labor time on jobs. This Blend Module can be configured into any size cradle skid that you desire. We have several smaller all-inclusive equipment units that include this Blend Module and its high capability – such as the Blend 50, Blend 100 and the Blend and Rinse unit.

Production Rates at 12% Sodium Hypochloite Base of 50 gallons

SH Dial Position 01 – 500 gallons mix 50,000 square feet production
SH Dial Position 02 – 250 gallons mix 25,000 square feet production
SH Dial Position 03 – 166 gallons mix 16,600 square feet production
SH Dial Position 04 – 125 gallons mix 12,500 square feet production
SH Dial Position 05 – 100 gallons mix 10,000 square feet production



Metering Ball Valves control flow of bleach and soap.
Flow Direction Valves direct flow to reel to tank, as well as help onboard your bleach.
Water and Bleach Onboarding Cam Lock Connections.
Onboard 12v DC, 5 GPM, 120 PSI, SoftWash Systems brand pump.
Built-in Pressure Gauge.
LED Power Indicator Light.
30 Amp DC Marine Rated Resettable Breaker.
All Marine Rated Tinned Wire.
Heavy Duty Marine Rated Two Position Power Switch.
5051 Chemical Resistant Aluminum Box and Mounting Brackets.
Pre-Wired for DC Battery.
Pre-Plumed for Water, Bleach and Soap Tanks.

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WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals known to the State of California to cause birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to